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Iš tikrųjų labai daug tikslų turiu gyvenime. Time proved that the decision to publish this material was an appropriate one, for after research into the art scene of the Stalinist period in Lithuania came to a standstill for at least 15 years.

Egidijus Aleksandravičius Doc. Lolita Jablonskienė Doc. Giedrė Jankevičiūtė Prof.

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Vojtěch Lahoda Prof. Piotr Piotrowski Dr. Skaidra Trilupaitytė Doc. Visi jie tyrinėja ypatingą Europos istorijos ir kultūros dalį — vadinamojo Rytų bloko sovietinę praeitį ir posovietinę dabartį.

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Kaune konferencijos dalyviai diskutavo apie meną ir politiką — vieną aktualiausių šios tyrimų srities problemų.

Meno politiškumas, politinis menas, menas kaip galios įrankis ir valdžios įkaitas — su tokiais klausimais neišvengiamai susiduria daugelis Rytų Europos kultūros ir meno tyrinėtojų. XX amžius Rytų Europos regioną buvo pavertęs socialinės inžinerijos ir politinio eksperimento laboratorija, kurioje buvo išbandytos ir meninės veiklos galimybės.

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Tad simptomiška, kad naujausi Rytų Europos meno istorijos tyrimai tampa vis atidesni ne tik pačiam meno kūriniui, bet ir jį supančiam kontekstui, ne tik meninei formai, bet ir politiniam meninių strategijų turiniui. Pasiūlytos temos konferencijos metu susikristalizavo į kelias potemes, kurios gvildenamos šios straipsnių rinktinės skyriuose: menas ir diktatūra; ideologija ir meninės strategijos; cenzūra, galia ir erdvė; kultūra kaip pasipriešinimas: dvigubi žaidimai; menas ir demokratija; pokomunistinė kultūra ir nauji mitai.

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Leidinio straipsnius jungia ne tik bendra meno ir politikos tema, bet ir panašus mokslinio tyrimo žanras. Įvairūs Rytų Europos meno ir kultūros procesai analizuojami pasitelkus atvejo studijas — vieno kūrinio, autoriaus, įvykio ar reiškinio tyrimus, kuriais atskleidžiamos bendresnės laikotarpio rutgers dating website ir problemos.

Atidi konkrečių atvejų rutgers dating website, dėmesys lokalumui ir detalei ypač reikalingas norint suprasti sudėtingą Rytų Europos praeitį ir dabartį, užuot ją smerkus ar aukštinus.

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Political art, art as a tool of power and a hostage of authority — these topics are hard to escape when researching Eastern European culture. The 20th century turned this region into a laboratory of social engineering and political experiments where boundaries of artistic practices were also tested.


Thus contexts of art practices as well as political contents of artistic strategies rather than pure stylistic qualities and authorial values are under consideration in recent studies of Eastern Europe art history. The articles of the volume are related both by topic rutgers dating website and politics, and also by the related genre of research. Close analysis of particular cases, proper regard for the locality and detail are especially valuable in the attempts to understand the complex reality of an East European past, and present, rather than judging or worshipping it.

If he is not Jewish, he survives the Protectorate in seclusion. He cannot exhibit or sell his cubist or surrealist works. He prays that he will not be called to do forced labour in the Great German Reich.

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He listens to a speech in by the Minister of Culture in the Protectorate government, Alois Moravec, who attacks Czech decadent art.

Such an artist would embody all the obstacles and hardships of artwork connected with the place, the era, and the political regimes that he had lived rutgers dating website. The artist thus selected would be a kind of statistical average of the fate of the modernist and avant-garde artist who had experienced the cultural boom during the First Czechoslovak Republic, inand during the Nazi occupation and Stalinist regime that followed.

Let us begin in the mids. He reads in the newspapers about the Entartete Kunst campaign, which anathematises the avant-garde. He attends anti-fascist meetings. He shakes his head in disbelief at the stupidities of the Nazi Kulturträger. Whether his work is cubist or surrealist — both trends having set deep roots in Czech art — rutgers dating website can, now and then, exhibit and sell something.


He tries to express his opposition to black-and-brown totalitarianism. At this point he learns about rutgers dating website Moscow trials. A frost emanates from the Kremlin.

He is shocked by the Italian occupation of Abyssinia, and the civil war in Spain. If that is too risky, he will at least support the Spanish Republic via collections, and participate in demonstrations. Pablo Picasso in Wroclaw, Therefore the Czech mud of today, which is called artistic, has to be burned; once it becomes a hard brick, it will last through the ages.

Our artist is lucky; he is not called. He survives the Protectorate.

Daugiau informacijos apie si laikorar Pi reikia rik keli proginiai straipsniai, analizuojantys archeologijos mokslq universitete Kulikauskas,p ; Luchranas,p. Labai nepalanki si tuacija rengri archeologus Vilniaus universitete tuomet vadi n tame Vifniaus vafstybinis Vinco Kapsuko universitetas susikloste m. Z iugida ir vadovavo. Steigiama katedra lyg ir turejo vadinris Lietuvos TSR istorijos, archeofogijos ir etnografijos katedra. Taciau pavadinime liko tik Lietuvos TSR istorija, o archeologq rengimas buvo drastiskai nutrauktas.

May brings liberation and the end of the war. New hopes and horizons. The artist exhibits again. He travels to Paris and sates himself on the diversity of modern art. He is fascinated by Picasso in particular.

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He returns to his country. The communist coup is carried out in February The artist once again withdraws into semi-illegal seclusion. He survives on other work in a warehouse for example. Cubism, or post-cubism whatever one chooses to call itis banned again.

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It is the period of hardcore Stalinism. Not until sometime in does our artist try to organise his own solo exhibition — which the Union of Artists approves the following year, during the period of the Thaw. Why is our virtual Czechoslovak artist drawn to Picasso? In the period of the Thaw following the end of the Stalinist personality cult, he rutgers dating website a role model in the artistic world to inspire him with his contemporary artistic language and his trustworthy outlook.

That is how Picasso is seen by the Czechoslovak artist who has survived the Protectorate and the s, and who is enjoying a short period of relative freedom for a few years during the s. Picasso is more than a role model. He is a guru, a leader who indicates the right path.

He is a moral example.

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Pablo Picasso, Stalin,chalk drawing. To a considerable degree it was Picasso himself who had established his position. Picasso considered it necessary in to announce to the world his reasons for joining the Communist Party of France in New Masses, rutgers rutgers dating website website syndicated newspaper in the USA, 24 Octoberwere published news for pažinčių programa ravers capitalist world, in L´Humanité, rutgers dating website communist newspaper in France, 29—30 Octoberwas published an information for comrades.

A myth, supported by Alfred J. One cannot, however, say that Picasso was particularly loyal to the occupation authorities — he was not a member of the resistance, but neither was he a collaborator. Cubism had not yet been condemned. Salvador Dalí, Portrait of Picasso,oil on canvas, 54 x 64 cm.

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Fundacion Gala-Salvador Dali, Figueras 12 or gentleness. In other words, because the painting is free of cubism.

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This Picasso is no longer celebrated by the Trotskyites and formalists who bragged about his Guernica and exploited it as a support against realistic art. The latter, of course, acquired fanatical proportions at the end of the rutgers dating website. Not much was written in the Czechoslovak press about Picasso during the Stalinist period. What little there was, was mostly positive.

Mažiau kalbų — daugiau darbų! Autorė: Adrija Vaidžiūnaitė Sveiki, mieli skaitytojai. Turbūt būsiu viena jauniausių panelių, kuri rašo blogą. Tačiau ir būdama jauna tikrai nesėdžiu namuose. Stengiuosi kiekvieną savaitgalį praleisti vis įdomiau.

And naturally only one aspect of his activities — what we might call homo politicus — was mentioned. The Czechoslovak regime corresponded frequently with Picasso rutgers dating website the most doctrinal Stalinist period. He was again invited in Marchthis time by the Union of Czechoslovak Artists, to attend the second Spartakiad.

Václav Rabas, Píseň Míru The Song of PeacePrague, 13 — and thereby make it more digestible and hence acceptable for American collectors and galleries. It was vigorously suppressed by Soviet detachments with the participation, to a lesser degree, of Hungarian state troops on November 4.