CSC “BALTKALIS” is the official „Arvi fertis“ and ARVI NPK fertilizers sales representative. Effective and timely supply over 250 complex fertiliser formulas can be ensured by many years of experience and Collaboration between the companies and fulfilment of the commitments entered.

“BALTKALIS” being a leader of Lithuanian salt market has chosen „Arvi fertis“ and ARVI NPK as a partners because  these fertilizers factories can produce over 250 of complex fertiliser formulas and new compositions are constantly developed, adapting them to any crops and soil. During the manufacturing process all the materal necessary for a plant is balanced in one pellet: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements. Company produce the fertiliser formulas popular all over the world, such as NPK 15-15-15+S, NPK 8-20-30+S, NPK 5-15-25+S. Our partner speciality, however, is the production of exclusive fertilisers: chlorine-free fertilisers for cultivation of various vegetables and fruit, special fertilisers for cultivation of sugar beet, etc.

The exclusivity of compound fertilizers manufactured by „Arvi fertis“ is high agronomic efficiency. The produced fertilisers are nitrate-free, therefore nitrogen is not washed out into the ground waters and the nutrients remain in the soil. This ensures healthier yield of higher quality and the ground water is not polluted. ARVI fertilizers not only improve or restore the basic properties of the soil, but also can be supplemented with biological additives. Due to the basic and secondary macro and micro nutrients contained in the fertilizers: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, magnesium, boron and zinc synergy, the plants efficiently absorb the nutrients.


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